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Incompetence Performance Evaluations Feedback

I just had a performance review with my manager, and he included statements that are not accurate. To anyone who reads them, I look like a bad employee. He used words like "lazy" and "incompetent" to describe me, and that's not true and I can prove it. What should I do?

It is not appropriate to start labeling co-workers, but if one were inclined to do so, there are a couple in your letter that might fit your manager very well.

It is evident that your manager does not understand that feedback has a major impact on employee motivation, satisfaction, and productivity. In order to be effective, feedback should be placed as close to the behavior in question as possible, and it should focus on performance, outcomes, and goal attainment. Importantly, it should then be followed by coaching.

And further, feedback must be accurate to be useful at all. If an employee has documented proof regarding the effectiveness of his or her performance and a manager then provides feedback that strays from reality, the manager exposes himself or herself to resistance, defensiveness, and even rebellion. And if there is harsh and inaccurate labeling, there can be other exposure as well.

Your manager needs some feedback from you right now. Give him the facts regarding your performance, insist that your review be corrected, and let him know that his disparaging descriptors of you are totally unacceptable. If he refuses to go with this, then you go with this to his manager.

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