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I have been with this company for less than a year, and many people have said that the most important person to please around here is the owner's wife. I had never met her until this weekend, and I don't think she liked me. I can't say why, but I just felt her comments and glances at me were ice cold. What do you think I should do about this?

Are you planning on discussing this with your boss or with her? Obviously, not. The best thing, in fact, the only thing to do in this type of situation is absolutely nothing.

In the first place, you do not know how she really felt about you. Perhaps this is her normal operating mode. Or, maybe this is how she reacts when she likes people a great deal. It is also possible that she was having a bad day when you met her, and this frosted every aspect of her interaction with you.

Whether she liked you or not is now history, and if you let yourself dwell on this, you are likely to be history, too. It will make far more sense for you to continue to do your best to be a truly valuable resource. Make sure that company management and ownership are aware of your accomplishments, and try to take on some projects that showcase your leadership, creativity, and commitment.

All you can do on this job is your best. If the owner's wife somehow forces you out, that could be a real break for your career.

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