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Quitting Time Expectations

I have a government contract job, and my boss is planning on retiring sometime between now and early next year. I do not get along with the person who will be put in his place. Should I wait to see what happens after he leaves, or should I start putting out my resume now? We have not had a raise for three years.

Although it can make sense to seek another job if you are having problems with your boss, you should not make such a move simply because you do not get along with someone who will be your boss. The main reason is that you have not worked with this individual in a supervisor-supervisee relationship. It is possible that you will get along better with this person once he or she is actually your supervisor.

At this time, especially with the end of the year approaching, it makes no sense to dive into the labor pool. You should stay where you are until this individual becomes your manager. Check out the working relationship with this new boss, and then you will easily know if you should check out of this job.

The lack of a raise in three years could be due to any number of factors, ranging from poor individual performance to managerial incompetence. If your current boss is responsible for the lack of raises, maybe your new boss would like to be responsible for several raises, such as raising the bar, raising morale, and raising the pay.

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