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I work for an aerospace company, and my manager is supposed to set goals in January, give a progress review in July, and a final review in the next January. My 2004 appraisal was not completed until January 2005, and the goals and ratings were all made up. My boss wanted me to sign it and backdate it, and he is doing the same thing for this year's appraisal. I explained this to the HR manager, and he told me to find another job. What should I do next?

When you have a manager who ignores company policies and asks you to lie about your appraisal, plus a Human Resources manager who reviews the matter and suggests you quit, one has to wonder who is appraising this less-than-dynamic duo. Clearly there is a failure of management here, and it probably permeates above and beyond the two players whom you noted.

Most HR managers strive to analyze problem situations like yours and offer strategies right back. Your HR manager's strategy is to turn his back. If there are no other facts in this situation, such as the possibility of questionable performance by you, then you should consider taking two steps.

The first is for you and some of your associates to meet with whoever is managing, or mismanaging, your manager. If this person is as responsive, ethical, and insightful as your manager, then the next step is for you to follow the Human Resources manager's advice. You deserve an employer that views humans as resources.

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