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In our company, people who carpool to work are placed in a monthly drawing for prizes. I ride my bike to work, but the human resources manager who runs the program says that I cannot be in the drawing because I am not in a carpool. Does this sound fair to you?

Based on your human resource manager's limited and literal thinking, people who are in a vanpool should be eliminated from the program since they are not technically riding in a car. In fact, the same applies for people who take a bus, train, subway, ferry boat, or walk to work.

Your human resources manager has missed the entire objective of a carpool program. It is not simply to get employees into each other's cars, but rather to encourage employees to use energy-saving alternatives to get to and from work. Your bicycle certainly qualifies as one of these options, and you should be included in the drawing. It is surprising that your human resources manager is taking such a narrow approach on this matter, since the idea behind these kinds of programs and incentives is to include as many participants as possible.

The next step is to discuss this matter with the human resources manager. When you do so, you may want to team-up with a few other employees who commute to and from work but are similarly excluded from the drawings. Hopefully your human resources manager will no longer miss the boat on this issue.

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