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My manager criticizes just about everything I do. If I make a comment at a meeting, he either ignores it or insults me. If someone else makes a similar comment, he is all ears. I don't know why he is so upset with me, and he refuses to meet with me. What do you suggest?

Whether your performance is excellent or poor, the behavior you are encountering is a case of a manager behaving badly. He ignores you, criticizes you in public, treats you unfairly, and refuses to meet. If things continue down this path, your tenure at this company becomes more tenuous each day.

The only way to turn the tide is to meet with him. Although you have tried to do so in the past, you now need to do more than try. For example, go to his office late in the day and late in the week and ask him for the best time for the two of you to meet. Do not leave until you have scheduled a meeting, even if it is weeks later.

If you actually have this meeting, come in with an open mind and try to learn more about his concerns and expectations regarding your performance. Try to jointly agree on some specific actions and goals to improve your work and the working relationship.

At the same time, if he ultimately cancels this meeting or steadfastly refuses to treat you in a fair and businesslike way, then it is fair and businesslike for you to explore other job opportunities.

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