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New Hires Orientation

I have been on this job for a week, and I still do not have a computer that works, and my desk is filled with stuff from my predecessor. My orientation consisted of a ten minute discussion with the human resources director, followed by a pile of paperwork. My manager has been too busy to give me more than a few minutes. When I accepted the job offer, I thought this was a great company, but now I am not so sure. How should I handle this?

Perhaps this is a great company, but there is nothing great about the orientation program. The first few months on the job are a critical period no only in terms of employee turnover, but also in terms of employee attitudes and performance. When employers overlook this period, they soon find themselves looking over more resumes.

No matter how busy your manager might be, you should track him down, let him know that you understand how busy he is, and then ask him for the best time for the two of you to meet to review the job, projects, and expectations. You should also ask him if there is anyone else who may be able to work with you during this period. Although there probably is not a formal mentor, perhaps there is someone who could informally fill this role. In addition, it will be helpful to head back to human resources and ask if there is someone who can help clean up and set up your office.

If you get through this period and find that the company is indeed great, it would be great for you to suggest some steps to improve the orientation.

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