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I just joined this company and learned that I have to wear a badge with my photo on it. This is not a hospital or a top-secret organization, and I resent having to walk around with this thing hanging from my pocket. I'm in management, and I think this badge makes me look like a gopher. I tried not wearing it, and my manager was not pleased. Is there a way around this?

Every company has a set of givens, best defined as fixed conditions or aspects of a job, ranging from policies to parking. One of the givens of your workplace is the requirement that you wear a badge. In fact, it is literally a given because you were given a badge.

Although it is a little late, why did you join this company if you are so bothered by this requirement? Presumably, everyone who interviewed you was wearing a badge. Either you did not look at this company very carefully, or you did not look at yourself very carefully.

You need to decide how important this issue is to you. One approach is to try wearing the badge for a while and see if you can adjust. However, if this requirement is truly tearing you apart, then you have two options. The first is to do a little research and try to come up with some solid business-related reasons why badges are unnecessary. If you go this route and present your findings to management, stay away from the word, "gopher." The second option is turn in your badge.

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