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I'm fairly new here, and I was making a presentation in a meeting with some of the other managers when I noticed that two of them were passing notes back and forth, and they seemed to be giggling. It was annoying, but I did not let it interrupt me. Should I say something to them?

The behavior of your fellow employees is so juvenile that it sounds like something that would be reported to a homeroom teacher. No matter how skilled you are at making presentations, it can be quite distracting when attendees are this rude.

Unless you enjoy antics of this sort, you should say something to both of them. In doing so, be friendly and businesslike, and be sure to focus on their behavior and not on their personalities. It is much more effective to deal with the actual note-passing, and not with such traits as rudeness or lack of consideration. When you target personality, you tend to encounter resistance and defensiveness.

Tell them that you noticed their need to communicate with each other during the meeting, and then add that their note-passing was distracting and interfering with your presentation. You can mention that you understand how busy they are and how important it is for them to maintain contact, and then let them know that you would greatly appreciate it if they would either stop or take it outside in future meetings where you are presenting.

While it is tempting to pass them a note to end all notes, hopefully your friendly and businesslike advice will suffice.

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