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I try to volunteer for as much work and as many committees as I possible can. I enjoy doing this type of work, and I know it helps improve my marketability. Several of my fellow employees have said that I am doing this just to get in good with management, and now they hardly ever talk to me. Is there a way to deal with this?

If your associates choose not to associate with you because you have fully immersed yourself in the company, they have a real problem, and it is not you. Their behavior shows signs of jealousy and even self-doubt. They do not like seeing you get more recognition, and yet they may feel they should be doing just what you are doing.

Employees who put forth more effort than the rest of the group often face ostracism and enmity from their co-workers. Co-workers typically feel that fellow employees who stand out make them look bad. At the same time, employees who push themselves beyond the group norms often are not highly concerned about how the group feels about them.

If you want to reopen the lines of communication with your co-workers, while continuing to engage in the additional work that is rewarding to you, the best step is to start with the leader of the group. This does not mean the person with the highest rank, but rather the individual who has the greatest influence and informal power. Perhaps the two of you have some common interests, experiences, or expectations. If you can build a friendly and positive relationship with this person, the rest of the group will follow suit.

Regardless of the outcome, you should continue exactly what you are doing, as you need to be true to yourself, even if your associates are not true to you or to themselves.

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