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Hiring Screening Applicants Resumes

I received a resume from an applicant who has the training and experience for a marketing position with our company, but he has had four jobs in the past four years, and my inclination is to automatically pass on people with this lack of commitment, but my manager says I should interview him. I think this would be a waste of time, and I wonder if you agree.

If an applicant's resume clearly indicates that he or she lacks the experience, training, expertise, or certifications that are essential for success on the job, then you can go into your automatic pass mode. Having four jobs in four years need not automatically knock out an applicant.

Although the best predictor of job-hopping is an applicant's work history, there can also be some acceptable reasons for having several jobs in a short period of time. For example, there can be layoffs, offers of moves to undesirable geographical locations, new ownership, and other transitions that can be more of a reflection on the employer than the employee.

A careful read of an applicant's resume can often give you some insight as to the reasons behind his or her job-hopping. If you see an applicant with the background you seek but his or her job stability is a question, there is a quick and easy way to answer that question. Give him or her a quick phone call and conduct a mini-interview on the phone. It will not take you long to determine if he is a pass or a possibility.

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