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Communication Responsiveness

My manager is in the halls a lot, and he usually just shows up in my office. I don't appreciate having him check up on me, and I would appreciate a call from him before he drops in. How can I ask him to do this?

Although you believe that your manager is checking-up on you, he could just as easily be checking-in with you. Many of today's most effective managers use a technique called managing by wandering around. This increases their visibility and accessibility, while also allowing them to literally apply all of their senses to the management process.

For the most part, employees appreciate the interest and communication opportunities associated with these visits. In fact, a far more common complaint from employees is that they never see their managers.

Some employees whose performance and productivity are not up to par can easily react negatively to managerial visits. If that is the case, you should use these visits as a message for you to fully engage in your job.

Assuming that your work is solid, you should accept your manager's visits as part of his style. Rather than resisting these visits, you should use them as an opportunity to update him on your accomplishments, solicit his advice and expertise on your work, and present your inputs regarding ways to further improve the department or company at large.

While you would like your manager to call before he drops by, you should drop that idea. It will do little more than raise questions about what you are doing.

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