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Micromanagement Fairness Favoritism

Our manager micromanages most of the employees and shows favoritism to a select few. Several complained about this, and the manager's immediate supervisor has spoken to him about it more than once. It stops for a week or two, then starts again. It has gotten to the point where several have quit and others are in the process of leaving. How can those left behind deal with this?

There are some managers who micromanage, and others who show favoritism, but your manager has gone to even greater depths to combine both hallmarks of mismanagement.

For those of you who have decided to remain on board, there are a few additional strategies to consider. First, several of you should meet with this marginal manager and show him the measurable costs of his actions, especially in terms of turnover and lost productivity. Let him see how he can personally gain by backing off and bringing more equity into his leadership style. For example, with less micromanaging, he will get more done, the team will get more done, and that can help his chances of being promoted, hopefully soon.

You should also continue to meet with his supervisor, as this at least gives you a reprieve of a week or two, and you should consider going up the corporate ladder an additional rung. If the situation does not improve, and you find that you are truly suffering as a result, then instead of being a person who is left behind, maybe you should be a person who has left.

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