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My manager knows very little about what I do each day. He is not very accessible, and my few meetings with him are brief. I am coming up on my one-year evaluation, and I am concerned that he is going to rely on minimal information and some comments from one of the other managers who is not exactly my best friend. What can I do without sounding like I'm groveling?

Although your manager does not know much about what you are doing each day, his inaccessibility makes it sound like he does not know much about what you are doing over any period of time. Combine this with his possible reliance on a less-than-friendly witness, and you are likely to find a less-than-friendly evaluation.

However, if you rush to his office and wave a laundry list of accomplishments in front of him, you will appear to be in a groveling mode.

A more businesslike approach is to suggest that you conduct a self-evaluation ahead of the formal evaluation session. This practice is found in a growing number of companies, and the idea is for you to complete the same form that your manager will be using and then submit it to him.

With a self-evaluation, you will easily be able to provide your manager with more specific information on your accomplishments. A self-evaluation will give you a clearer idea of the criteria that are used to evaluate your performance, facilitate discussion between you and your manager, and help set the stage for improvement in the future.

Having your self-evaluation in hand is also going to make the entire process easier for your manager, and that should appeal to him.

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