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Pestering Finding a Job

I have applied several times to the same company for the same job that they keep advertising over and over. I know I am well qualified for it, and I really want it, but I never hear anything back. I have emailed and faxed my resume several times, but still nothing. What do you suggest?

If you are asking whether you should step things up a notch and call the company or even show up uninvited, the answer is "no." Persistence can be great, but pestering can grate. For whatever reason, the company is not interested in you, and unless you are interested in being rejected again, you should look elsewhere.

You believe that you are well qualified for the position, but the company apparently does not. For whatever reason, your skills, experience, and training as presented in your resume are not matching up with the criteria that the company has established for the position. That does not necessarily mean that you are unqualified. In fact, it might simply mean that your resume is not doing the job.

If you really want to keep beating this dead corporate horse, stop sending the same resume over and over. You or a trusted friend or professional should take a look at your resume and make sure it presents your work history in the most appropriate way for the position you seek. Once you do so, you can certainly try again with this employer who keeps rejecting you, but you should think seriously about rejecting this employer.

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