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I manage four people, and our department supports the other departments in the company. Occasionally other managers complain about the performance of one of my employees. I think she does a good job, but other managers say she can be short with them. I have not observed the problem, so I am unsure how to deal with this.

If other managers are taking the time to raise questions about one of your employees, you need to take the time to investigate. Feedback from other managers is an important way to learn more about the performance of your employees. You will need to discuss the matter with the employee in question, but be sure to have specific dates and examples of her problematic behaviors.

When you meet with this employee, keep your mind open, since there may some reasonable explanations for her actions. Her reaction and responses will help determine your next course of action.

Either way, be sure to get back to the managers who complained to you, tell them what you have learned from the employee, and then discuss any actions you will be taking to prevent the problem in the future. Also for future reference, ask these employees to come to you as soon as possible if they run into problems with anyone on your team.

Addressing this matter with your employee and then getting back to the managers should be a high priority. If you ignore complaints from your fellow managers, they are likely to start complaining about you.

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