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Finding a Job Communication

I am a receptionist and I have this job through a temp agency. The position is currently being advertised, and I applied for it and was interviewed. I keep asking the Human Resources recruiter and the temp agency for feedback, and I am told I did a great job, but they are still actively interviewing candidates. Should I speak up or keep looking for another job?

Although it appears the company is not very receptive about your prospects as a receptionist, there is one more resource for you to explore, and it is not the human resources recruiter or the temp agency. Human resources is a staff department that supports the line mangers. As such, the human resources department finds candidates, but hiring decisions are typically made by whoever manages the open positions.

Presumably there is a manager over the receptionist position, and you should meet with him or her. Let this person know you are very interested in the position, and be sure to add that you passed the screening procedures and heard you did a great job. Wrap up your comments by asking this person what else you need to do to qualify.

If your position happens to report to a human resources manager, the fact that the search is continuing probably means that although you are a viable candidate, there is interest in looking at more applicants to see if there are any who might be more qualified.

Either way, you need to express your thoughts to the ultimate decision maker in this matter. This will ultimately help you in your decision making.

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