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Atmosphere Teamwork

I recently joined this company and found it to be very competitive. People are quick to focus on your failures or shortcomings in front of others, especially in front of management. There is no real teamwork, since people are always trying to make themselves look good and others look bad. Is there a way to change this?

Regardless of the value you place on competition, it appears to be a key component of the value system in this company. The behaviors you are seeing here are typical of intensely competitive workplaces. One important fact about competition is that it can bring out cutting edge productivity and cutthroat behavior.

Unless you were hired in a very senior position, there is not going to be much you can do about the level of competition here. However, there may be some departments that are oases where teamwork and collaboration flourish. You can try to find them, but remember that they are rare and subject to change at any time.

The more common outcome for a person in your situation is to change. This can be an internal change in which you adjust to the environment and become more competitive. Or, it can be an external change where you move to another department or company, all depending on how you are handling this new workplace and vice versa. You are the only person who can make this decision, but if you give this new job a little more time, the correct change is going to be quite obvious to you.

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