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Finding a Job

A friend of mine has been job-hunting for five months and finally landed a good position. What he and I found exasperating was the number of human resources people who made promises to call at a specific time and date, but never did. Some would promise to meet him, but never followed through. We were wondering how these people rose to these positions.

Fortunately, the vast majority of human resources professionals are indeed professional. In many cases, they have degrees with specialties in human resources, along with high-level training and certification. However, as in every line of work, there are individuals who are not merely out to lunch, but out to breakfast and dinner, too.

People rise to positions where they perform marginally for any number of reasons. As for human resources, leadership in some companies still pays little attention to this area, often regarding it as soft and of questionable value.

When turnover goes through the roof, or employee lawsuits pile up, or fines are levied for lack of compliance, or archaic benefits undercut recruitment efforts, management can wake up to the fact that this area is anything but soft. After all, there are real costs when a marginal human resources department loses a great applicant, presumably like your friend.

As companies continue to understand the benefits of an excellent human resources department, along with the costs of a weak one, there will be less of this type of treatment. Hopefully, your friend has landed in an excellent company with one of those excellent human resources departments.

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