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I recently went for a job interview, and I was asked to complete an application blank. The interviewer said I might not like some of the questions, and if I feel that any violate my rights, I should not answer them. There were questions about my living arrangements and religious organizations, so I left them and a few others blank. I had a good interview, but I have not heard back from the company. What do you make of this?

It sounds like you came face-to-face with an application blank that merits a blank stare. It is the employer's responsibility to have an application blank that only asks job-related questions. If there are questions that may violate an applicant's rights, they do not belong in the application blank in the first place.

Employers cannot get around the requirement for job-related pre-employment inquiries by telling applicants to ignore the questions that sound too personal. Besides, there is an unspoken degree of pressure on applicants to answer such questions, since most applicants believe that the employer would have excluded them if there were truly no interest in the response.

Companies that have this type of screening process may be out of touch in several other important areas. In addition, if this company is refusing to call back applicants who omit these questions, it is just a matter of time before they get called on this questionable practice. As for their failure to call you back, consider yourself lucky.

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