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E-mail Pestering Condescending Treatment

I am managing several projects that impact other departments. I get very annoyed when I get email from certain managers asking me if I have any news for them. I don't appreciate terse emails that read, "Anything yet???" When I have news, I give it to them. What should I do?

If you are getting very annoyed over something as minor as two emailed words and a string of question marks, perhaps it is time to step back and see if there are more than two words behind whatever is actually bothering you. This could be a symptom of greater dissatisfaction on the job, and you are the best person to figure out what this might be.

At the same time, instead of getting upset over these emails, you should be getting back to those certain managers and letting them know that these emails need to stop. Tell them that you always advise them immediately when there is news, and they do not need to waste their time sending you these queries.

In addition, when you discuss email with these senders, let them know that a terse email question with several question marks is pretty nasty. You may be able to prevent the problem entirely by giving these managers regular updates regarding your progress on these projects. If the terse messages continue, you should take a deep breath and then take two seconds to send back a polite, "Not yet." And restrain yourself from adding a gaggle of exclamation points.

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