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I have an employee who keeps asking when he is going to be promoted into management. Almost every discussion with him turns to this topic. I have told him that as positions open up, we look internally for qualified individuals first, and he would be considered like everyone else. However, he just keeps pestering me about this. What can I do?

Employees are well advised to engage in some self-promotion in order to increase their chances of being promoted. However, when an employee's questions about promotions move from appropriate inquiries to pestering, they are more likely to undercut the chances of advancement.

In fact, when a person who seeks a managerial position goes overboard in this arena, he or she is actually displaying highly non-managerial behaviors. Pestering demonstrates a low degree of insight into one's impact, poor listening and observational skills, and questionable judgment, none of which will accelerate anyone's move up the corporate ladder.

In addition to advising this employee of your company's procedures regarding promotion, he needs to understand the damage that his incessant questioning is doing to his chances of promotion. If he really wants to increase his chances of being promoted, he would be well advised to take his energy and inquiring mind and focus them on his work.

He should also be advised to take some supervisory and managerial classes. If he were already doing so, he probably would know that his constant questioning is a no-no.

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