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I was in a job interview for around 15 minutes when the interviewer got up and said he would be back in a couple of minutes. Just after he left, the phone rang. I assumed the call went onto his voicemail, but when the interviewer returned, he said this was a test. The company is looking for confident and aggressive employees, and because I let the phone ring, I did not show the traits the company needs. The interview ended shortly after that. Does this make any sense to you?

The only thing that makes sense in this situation is that you did not answer his phone. If you had actually answered it, your behavior would be more a sign of weirdness than confidence or aggressiveness. This interviewer is screening out applicants on the basis of an unvalidated, unreliable, and simplistic exercise.

Although his objective was to somehow learn about your personality as a result of this so-called test, the only personality traits that can be gleaned from this childish game relate to those of the interviewer himself.

If he is truly interested in learning about your confidence and aggressiveness, the best approach is to base his interview on your work history and include some work sample questions and simulations. That is a far cry from hiding in the next room and waiting to see if you pick up his phone.

Beyond the interview, you have to wonder what kind of manager this individual must be. There is also a question about the kind of people who pass his test and join the company.

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