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E-mail Communication Training and Education

I use email a lot when communicating to other employees and to our customers, and my spelling and grammar are not the best. My manager has insisted that I used a spell-check, and I usually do. The problem is that even though I use spell-check, he is still complaining about my writing. What else can I do?

There is moor too you're righting than meats the aye, and if you think that spell-check is all you knead, ewe can halve a reel problem. The previous sentence made it through spelling and grammar check, but it is filled with errors. Granted that spelling and grammar checks are excellent tools, they are far from perfect. And they certainly cannot make your writing perfect.

Since you are communicating in writing with other employees and customers, it is important that your writing be clear, correct, and concise, and your computer is not going to do this for you. This does not mean that you should shy away from writing. Rather, this is a perfect time to strengthen your writing skills, and there are several ways to do so.

There are business writing classes and seminars, online training programs, and several excellent books that can help build your skills and confidence in this area. Instead of taking a reactive approach and letting your computer try to fine-tune your messages, you should think more proactively and look to a pro to help you with your prose.

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