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I have heard about successful people who embellished their resumes to get a job. I added office computer skills onto my resume in order to qualify for a certain job, and I got it. When my lack of computer knowledge came out, I was fired. I think this was unfair of the company. When they saw I was a good employee except for this, they could have given me some training. Do their actions seem fair to you?

You have somehow twisted the ad for this position so that it reads, "Office computer skills are required, but people who pretend they have these skills are also encouraged to apply." You did not tell the truth, and then you were caught. You acted unethically and breached any possible bond of trust with this company, and you need to realize that the only one who acted unfairly in this situation is you.

The company invested time and money to bring you onboard, rejected qualified applicants, and ended up with a worthless investment. In addition, by putting this mess onto your job record, you have not even been fair to yourself.

The best way for companies to avoid this type of problem is to include some job related skill testing in the hiring process. And the best way for you to avoid this problem is to get some of the computer training that embellished your resume. There may be people who claim that you must lie in order to find work today, and now you see that such a claim is the real lie.

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