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My manager gives me grief about the most trivial and time-consuming chores that I am supposed to complete. I admit that I am behind on them, but I do well on every important part of my job, and my manager says nothing. He only focuses on the incomplete minor tasks. What do you suggest?

When you have a manager who pursues the trivial side of your job and ignores the main event, your only option is to take care of minor business. However, before doing so, look carefully at your manager's behavior. It is extremely disconcerting to report to someone who overlooks your major accomplishments and focuses only on the undone minutia. It is possible that he might be a marginal manager who cannot separate the wheat from the chaff. However, he might also be trying to send you a message. Either way, the best step is to set aside some time to complete the less significant parts of your job. It is normal for people to put off unpleasant projects, but since your manager is making your life even more unpleasant, you should take action. One of the best ways to do so is to separate these tasks into individual projects, and then set some specific and measurable goals, timetables, and plans to get them done. As soon as you have completed these seemingly trivial chores, pay attention to the reaction of your manager. If he digs deeper and deepr to give you negative feedback, the message he is sending is not trivial at all.

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