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Bullies Yelling Condescending Treatment

I am an administrative assistant, and my boss was starting a meeting and he asked me to go down the hall and tell another manager who was supposed to attend that the meeting is about to begin. I stuck my head in the manager's office and he yelled at me and said he knows the meeting is starting and he'll be there when he can. I left and simply told my manager what he said. Should I tell my manager about the screaming?

A work environment should be a yell-free zone. You were simply doing your job, and it sounds like you carried out this task correctly, but still found yourself targeted by this screamer.

People who yell at work typically have more baggage that most conveyor belts at O'Hare. They are walking around with a large dose of emotional immaturity, and yelling is their way of flexing power and dominating others.

You should tell your manager about what happened. Don't do any labeling, such as by calling this manager a baby. Rather, just tell your manager that you are concerned about this manager's reaction to your request, and then specifically describe what happened. Don't be surprised if your manager directly or indirectly indicates that this is not the first time the manager in question has acted questionably.

As for the future, hopefully your manager will speak to him about this outburst, since these antics present a broad array of potential problems and exposure for the company. In the meantime, the best steps you can take are in the opposite direction of the screamer.

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