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My question is about an organizational behavior that is creating a lot of stress, mostly at work. I consider raising my voice different from yelling. In your opinion, is there a difference? What can I do to have others understand the difference?

There may well be a difference between vein-popping yelling and a raised voice, but neither should be ringing through the halls of the workplace. It sounds like you are saying that yelling at others in the workplace is not acceptable, but raising your voice is. The truth of the matter is that neither is acceptable, as they are both forms of bullying and intimidation.

The reason that many people do not differentiate between raising your voice and yelling is the result of perception. You might regard your loud words as a raised voice, while those whom you are addressing can view your heightened vocalizing as yelling. In order to stop the problem, simply stop raising your voice.

Effective management today is premised on treating employees with respect and trust. If you have an employee who is performing poorly, engaging in questionable behavior, or failing in any other way, he or she certainly needs to hear from you. However, raising your voice is not the way to get your message across. In fact, when you raise your voice, regardless of the decibel level, most recipients are going to block out whatever you are saying.

If you really want to be heard, speak softer. People will actually have to pay more attention to hear your quiet voice. Raising your voice is only going to raise the hackles of your employees, and perhaps raise the eyebrows of your managers.

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